Makeup Artistry Advanced Modules

On this page, you'll find a curated collection of our optional Advanced Modules, each tailored to specific genres. These modules become available for purchase after you've completed your first two assignments successfully. Every Advanced Module comprises one module and one assignment, and upon successful completion, you can download a certificate of achievement.

Bridal Makeup Techniques & Airbrushing


In this advanced module, Eryn Shannon will show you advanced bridal makeup techniques and introduce you to using an airbrushing system to create the perfect bridal makeup.

About the Author – Eryn Shannon

Airbrushing For Brides

What Is Airbrushing

What Is The Airbrushing Experience

How Does Airbrush Foundation Look

What Are The Benefits Of Airbrushing

What Shades And Textures Are Available

What Are Airbrush Foundations Made From

Customising Foundation For An Airbrush

Machine Airbrushing and Skin Types

Airbrushing and Weather

What Systems Are Available

What Is The Investment For An Airbrush System

How To Airbrush With Different Machines

How To Clean Your Airbrush Machine

Step-By-Step Airbrush Foundation Application

The Order Of Application and Airbrushing

Other Uses For Airbrushing

Airbrushing As An Upgrade Service

Advanced Foundation Application and Makeup Techniques For Brides

Skin Prep


Why Are Primers Important For Bridal Makeup

Best Primers For Bridal Makeup

How To Layer Primers

How To Achieve A Natural Finish


Concealer Application Techniques Preventing Under Eye Creasing and Smudging

Concealer For Mature Skin

How To Layer Glow Products For Brides

Blush and Bronzer For Bridal Glow

Eyeliner Techniques

Bridal Eyeshadow Techniques

Premium Lashes Vs. Synthetic

Statement Lips

Artistry Time-Saver Tips

Upgrade Services For The Bridal Party

The Bridal Makeup Business

Bridal Makeup Services

Setting Yourself Apart and Finding Your Niche

How Bridal Clients Will Find You

Email Templates For Clients

Initial Bridal Requests


Staying Organised


Midway Checkpoint


Preparing For The Wedding Day

Making Connections At The Wedding and After The Wedding

Make A Lasting Impression

Extra Services

Building A Bridal Makeup Team

Hiring An Assistant

Managing An Artistry Team


Brand Representation and Artist Contracts

Business, Branding, Marketing & Social Media For Makeup Artists


Dreaming of starting your own makeup artistry business?

In this module, you will learn about the logistics of starting your own business and the process behind building your brand and marketing your business.

You’ll develop valuable skills for working with clients and establishing a professional reputation. In addition, you’ll learn the different ways of advertising your business, including building a website and using social media.

About The Contributors

Sophie Seeger

Jasmine Able

Eryn Shannon

Starting Your Own Business

Business Plan

Executive Summary

Your Business Overview

Business Environment & Competition

Sales & Marketing

Financial Plan

Setting Up Your Business

Business Structure

Business & Domain Names


Developing An Aesthetic

Branding My Business – Where Do I Begin?

Planning Your Website

Planning Overview

Home Page

About Page

Make Your Bio Compelling

Portfolio Page

Services Page

Press Page

Contact Page



Content Creation For Your Website & Blog

Writing – Message, Style, Grammar & Tone


Social Media

Your Personal Brand

Creating Your Overall ‘Look’

Choosing The Right Platforms

Social Media Marketing

The Importance Of Scheduling & Planning

Collaborating With Other Brands

Traditional Marketing


Increasing Visibility


Money Matters & Financial Health


Things To Remember When Starting Out


Personal Branding Photography for MUAs


Photographer & MUA, Nolene de Jager, teaches you about the craft of photography. and how you can combine this knowledge with your skill as a makeup artist, as well as key social media & branding principles, to build a strong, unique personal brand.

About the Author

Nolene De Jager

Course Introduction


The Importance of Consistency

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Recreate Looks From Your Makeup Heroes

Practicing On Friends and Family

Create Face Charts


Introduction to Photography

Photography Basics

Foundational Rules of Photography

Rule of Thirds



Photo Lighting

Light Temperature


Soft Light vs Hard Light

Natural Light

Artificial Light


Camera Theory


Shutter Speed


Different Types of Cameras

Image Theory


Image Editing

Filters vs Presets

Building Cohesive Social Media Feeds

Planning a Photoshoot

Inspiration/Style/Mood Boards

Call Sheets

Shot List


Finding a Location

Social Media and Building

Your Personal Brand

Social Media

Personal Brand

Target Audience


Social Media Algorithms

Let’s Summarise!


Portfolio and Social Media

Building a Professional Portfolio




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