kloe louise

About Me

Im 18 and Im very interested in make up and love to experiment with new looks and new make up. My dream goal is to become a make up artist and would very much love to have my own makeup brand one day. not only do I enjoy every day looks and full glam makeup I also enjoy artistic looks using face paints and inks to create something unusual. I also enjoy trying out special effects and although I don't do it often it still is fun to play around with.

My Work

With make up I like to do full glam looks and transforming people into something extraordinary. I also enjoy using paints to create colourful and bold arty looks. for this I use a range of makeup forevers grease sticks and inks, I also use a big range of colourful eyeshadow palettes which really helps intensify colour.

Currently I do not work in the make up industry but at present I am doing online college with 'the institute of makeup artist' which I am very much enjoying and hope that I can get something good out of it to help me get further into the makeup industry.


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