Kate Patricia Wickenden

I signed up to this course to find myself again, and I can honestly and happily say, find myself is what I did. Becoming a makeup artist was always my dream, especially a SFX makeup artist for TV and Film. But, that along with my understanding of the world completely changed when I was 17 years old and my dad died from a sudden heart attack one night. I suddenly started a very different journey and questioned a lot of things, including what my purpose in this world was. With that said, creative dreams took a back seat as I threw myself into helping others. But there's only so much support you can give others at such a young age before you start to feel as though you have missed out on youth, and wondered if you should have let your creative dreams die?

That's when I took the plunge to sign up to this course. And, I can honestly and wholeheartedly say it is the best thing I have ever done!

This course has helped me reconnect with my younger self and rediscover my passion. It has helped relax me when the world has felt to serious and inspired me to use my creativity in ways I had never even considered before. My mind had become so black and white before I signed up to this course, but now I can begin to see things in colour again. I've realised that I don't have to have a straightforward career path, I can amalgamate my talents, passions, and strengths to create new things.

I had previously enrolled at University before signing up to this course but had to drop out after suffering from anxiety. I realised I was merely just a number to the tutors in a money-making business. It put me off studying for a long time, but then I tried online learning with The Institute of Makeup Artistry and it completely changed my mind. At The Institute of Makeup Artistry, you are always an INDIVIDUAL and NEVER just a number! The whole team from student support to tutors are so helpful, knowledgeable and encouraging.

The course itself gives you such extensive knowledge on all areas of the makeup industry, something that I have never come across with other online courses or indeed colleges. The site is super easy to use and I never once had an issue with uploading assignments. What's more, is the modules push you to do your own research outside of the course, and I even found myself researching about disabilities during my prosthetic modules! What may just be makeup to some, is actually a whole world to others!

I would confidently recommend this course and the Institute to anyone looking to start their career in makeup, or like me, looking to reignite your creative passion.


Sarra Jane Langdon

I found this course an excellent addition to my qualification I already have within the beauty industry. Within 2 months of qualifying I have worked on a film doing SFX Makeup and I now teach theatrical makeup in a local college.

This course and qualification really does open doors for you in the makeup industry.

Hayley Joy Bradley

What can I say! I loved every moment of this course.

I really loved playing with makeup prior and wanted to develop my skills further, with the potential of creating an alternative career path that was more creative for myself, which this course helped me to do. I’ve gained a mass amount of confidence in applying makeup to clients, and the acquired the technical skills that are required to do so correctly.

The modules have a vast variety of interesting and informative topics to cover, from the basics to bridal to SFX, so it’s never boring. I also found the feedback and support from the tutors very informative and super encouraging.

I loved completing this course and I’m so glad I took the plunge!


Rebecca Wakeham

The course was amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed each of the 12 modules.

The modules really allowed me to touch on makeup applications I had not done before and although at times I found them challenging I learned so much from them, this helped grow my confidence, creativity and skills in makeup.

My online tutor was very helpful and always there to help with any questions or concerns I had.

The video guides were clear and easy to understand taking you step by step through each module.

Lastly the Facebook group set up was a really special place to be in touch with other students for moral support and to see the work from others and their creativity!


Bianca Ryan

I loved every minute of this Course!

The support from my tutor was brilliant and everyone in the Facebook group was so helpful and encouraging!

I have now successfully started my own business from home in something I enjoy so much!


Jasmine Janabi

This course went above and beyond my expectations.

The quality of information and support has been outstanding. I’m proud to say it’s where I got qualified.


Una Baldwin

My heart is full of accomplishment and my head is full of knowledge.

This course has been such an amazing experience. I have learnt so much to take with me in my makeup ventures.

My Tutor was and is incredible and with so much experience at her hand, it was an honour to be taught and guided by her.

I recommend this course 100%.


Chelsea Carreira-Smith

I was searching for over a year for a good online makeup school since my life is so busy and my schedule is insane. I stumbled across IMUA and instantly decided that this was my school!

I enrolled the day I found it and I worked at my own pace and made it through the course on time, despite having a crazy schedule.

Student Support and the Tutors are pretty quick at responding to you and the grading process is fast as well.

I learned a lot and intend to have a very successful career in makeup artistry!


Brynna Pauletich

I have absolutely loved this course! The knowledge and experience is definitely one-of-a-kind! Along with the quick responses from the Tutor as well as Student Support, the Facebook group introduced me to some amazingly talented people.

It was so fun to be able to talk to and work with other students who have the same interests as you and they are so unbelievably supportive! This course is self paced which I absolutely loved as I did not feel rushed or pressured to turn in any assignment within a certain time frame. This allowed me to take my time and show the tutor the work I am capable of producing. The tutors were not rude at all and their feedback was so incredibly helpful.

I am so thankful to have come across this course and cannot wait to see where this new set of knowledge and skills take me!!


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